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At present, SMT material handling machine is facing problems

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At present, SMT material handling machine is facing problems

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At present, SMT material receiving and carrying machine faces the following problems:

1. For employees, they need to prepare materials every time they change a type of machine, and then change the whole LINE. When changing materials, they need to check whether each station on the machine matches with the materials. When they check the material, the usual way is to check it visually. The big disadvantage of such an operation mode is that it is inefficient and requires many people to complete such work, and it is prone to mistakes.

2. For managers, SMT machines are changed for several times every day. In the production of a certain type of machine, operators frequently change materials, so managers need to know the operation situation of staff changing materials. Whether the staff refueling is correct, which staff changed the material, the refueling time and so on.

3. There are how to accelerate the speed of material preparation, the use of substitute materials, these are common problems in SMT processing industry.

How to solve the system:

SMT feeding error prevention system is specially designed for these problems. The system USES bar code technology, integrated bar code acquisition terminal, bar code printer and other hardware equipment to develop a more mature system.

The system provides the following functions:

1. Staff management

2. Authority management

3. Type information management

4. Track the change of type information Bar code label printer: employee label, station label, machine and equipment label, etc

6. Material preparation: the handheld terminal is used for material preparation, which is simple, fast and accurate, eliminating the need for manual visual material preparation.

7. Type switch: when switching production types, import type information to the handheld terminal, and check "type - machine - station - material" handheld terminal.

8. Material replacement: when the material is exhausted, add new material, and use the handheld terminal to check.

9. Error-proof and stultifying proof: when using barcode handheld terminal to log in, prepare materials, switch machine types, replace materials and check, if the data is wrong, the system will prompt and alarm.

10. Operation log: employees record every operation of type switching and material replacement by bar code scanning terminal, no matter the operation is correct or wrong.

11. Report: provide report of replacement of machine type information, report of switching of machine type, report of material replacement, and report of using substitute materials.

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