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SMT receiving belt several common standards

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SMT receiving belt several common standards

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SMT material belt

SMT receiving belt several common standards

1) ipc-esd-2020: joint standard for development of electrostatic discharge control program. Including the design, establishment, implementation and maintenance of electrostatic discharge control program. Based on the historical experience of some military organizations and commercial organizations, it provides guidance for the treatment and protection during the sensitive period of electrostatic discharge.

2) ipc-sa-61 A: half water cleaning manual after welding. This includes all aspects of semi-aqueous cleaning, including chemical, production residues, equipment, process, process control, and environmental and safety considerations.

3) ipc-ac-62a: manual of water cleaning after welding. Describe manufacturing residues, types and nature of aqueous cleaners, aqueous cleaning processes, equipment and processes, quality control, environmental control and staff safety and cleanliness measurements and costs.

4) ipc-drm-4 0E: table reference manual for through-hole welding spot evaluation. Detailed description of components, hole walls and welding surfaces as required by the standard, in addition to computer-generated 3D graphics. It covers tin filling, contact Angle, tin dipping, vertical filling, pad covering, and numerous weld spot defects.

5) ipc-ta-722: welding technology evaluation manual. It includes 45 articles on various aspects of welding technology, covering common welding, welding materials, manual welding, batch welding, wave welding, reflow welding, gas phase welding and infrared welding.

6) ipc-7525: template design guide. Guidelines for the design and manufacture of solder paste and surface-mount binder coated templates are also discussed. Quincy technology, including overprinter, double printing and stage template design.

7) IPC/EIA j-std-004: specification requirements for flux I including appendix I. Organic and inorganic flux containing technical indicators and classification of rosin, resin, etc. according to the halide content and activation degree of flux; Also included are the use of fluxes, substances containing fluxes, and low-residue fluxes used in cleaning-free processes.

8)IPC/EIA j-std-005: specification requirements for solder paste I including appendix I. The characteristics and technical requirements of solder paste are listed, as well as the test method and standard of metal content, as well as the viscosity, collapse, solder ball, viscosity and solder paste's tin coating performance.

9) IPC/EIA j-std-006a: specification requirements for electronic grade solder alloys, flux and non-flux solid solder. For electronic grade solder alloys, for rod-shaped, banded, powdery and non-flux solder, for electronic applications, for special electronic grade solder, provides terminology, specification requirements and test methods.

10) ipc-ca-821: general requirements for thermal conductive binder. Includes requirements and test methods for attaching components to heat-conducting dielectric in a suitable position. 11) ipc-3406: guide for coating adhesives on conductive surfaces. It provides guidance for the selection of conductive binder as an alternative to solder in electronic manufacturing.

12) ipc-aj-820: assembly and welding manual. Includes a description of inspection techniques for assembly and welding, including terms and definitions; Reference and outline of printed circuit boards, types of components and pins, materials for welding spots, installation and design of components; Welding technology and packaging; Cleaning and film covering; Quality assurance and testing.

13) ipc-7530: guide to temperature curves for batch welding processes (reflow and wave soldering). All kinds of testing methods, techniques and methods are used in the acquisition of temperature curve to provide guidance for the establishment of the best graph.

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