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The harm of static electricity to electronic components in SMT tape processing

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The harm of static electricity to electronic components in SMT tape processing

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Static electricity and electrostatic discharge can be seen everywhere in our daily life, but a slight electrostatic discharge that we cannot detect may cause serious damage to electronic devices. With the rapid development of electronic technology, the functions of electronic products have become more and more powerful, but their volume has become smaller and smaller, at the cost of the higher electrostatic sensitivity of electronic components.

High integration means that cell lines will be more and more narrow, tolerance ability of electrostatic discharge caused by the reason of worse and worse, STM material belt and a large number of special devices used by the new developed material also are static sensitive material, so that the electronic components, particularly semiconductor devices for STM processing, and SMT production, assembly and maintenance of environmental electrostatic control demand is higher and higher.

However, on the other hand, in the production, use and maintenance environment of electronic products processed by STM receiving belt, a large number of various polymer materials that are prone to generate static electricity will be used, which will inevitably bring more problems and challenges to the electrostatic protection of electronic products.

In the production process of electronic products, its components and component products often contact with equipment and tools, separation, friction and static electricity, must use anti-static cushion, turnover car, maintenance kit, tools, work chair (stool), and through the appropriate grounding, so that static electricity quickly release.

The transfer and storage of electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards between processes in the production process must use anti-static charging boxes, component boxes, recycling boxes, recycling trays, etc. To prevent the accumulation of electrostatic hazards. Electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards must be packaged as finished products with anti-static shielding bags, packaging bags, packaging boxes, strips, baskets, etc., to avoid electrostatic damage in the process of transportation.

The breakdown damage of components caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic damage in electronic industry. Hard breakdown is a one-time cause of medium breakdown, burning or permanent failure of components; Soft breakdown is caused by the degradation of the device performance or parameter index decline.

Friction electricity and human body static electricity are the two major sources of harm in the electronic, microelectronic industry, but the non-harm of static electricity, the harm lies in the accumulation of static electricity and the discharge of static electricity charge, so it must be controlled.

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