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SMT receiving belt: what should we pay attention to when using SMT laser steel mesh

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SMT receiving belt: what should we pay attention to when using SMT laser steel mesh

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SMT material belt

MT receiving belt: notes for making SMT laser steel mesh

SMT steel mesh production must pay attention to :1, according to the luminous tube luminous color

Can be divided into red, orange, green (also subdivided into yellow green, standard green and pure green), blue, etc. In addition, some leds contain chips in two or three colors.

According to the light emitting diode doped or not doped with scatterers, colored or colorless, the above various colors of led can also be divided into colored transparent, colorless transparent, colored scattering and colorless scattering four types. Scattering led is suitable for use as indicator light.

2. According to the characteristics of the luminous surface

Divide circular lamp, square lamp, rectangle, surface light tube, side tube, micro tube for surface installation, etc. The circular lamp was divided by diameter into one serving 2mm, serving 4.4mm, serving 5mm, serving 8mm, serving 10mm and serving 20mm, etc. 11. Overseas commonly refers to the 3mm light-emitting diode as t-1; Phi is designated with 5mm as t-1 (3/4); Phi 4.4mm is designated as t-1 (1/4).

The Angle distribution of circular luminescence intensity can be estimated from the half-value Angle.

There are three types of luminous intensity Angle distribution map:

(1) high directivity. Generally, it is tapered epoxy package, or package with metal reflector, without scattering agent. The half-value Angle is 5° ~ 20° or less, with high directivity, which can be used as local lighting source or combined with optical detector to form an automatic detection system.

(2) standard type. The half-value Angle is 20° ~ 45°.

(3) scattering type. This is the indicator light with a large viewing Angle, the half-value Angle is 45° ~ 90° or larger, and the amount of scatterer is large.

3. According to the structure of led

It has epoxy package, metal base epoxy package, ceramic base epoxy package and glass package.

4. According to luminous intensity and working current

LED with normal brightness (light intensity 10mcd); High - brightness leds are those whose light intensity ranges from 10 to 100mcd. The working current of general LED is more than 10 mA to dozens of mA, while the working current of low current LED is less than 2mA (brightness is the same as ordinary luminous tube).

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