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The advantages of SMT tape processing are analyzed

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The advantages of SMT tape processing are analyzed

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SMT is surface assembly technology, which is the most commonly used technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. Because its SMT pick up of material processing, the advantages of high density assembly, electronic products, small size, good frequency characteristic, SMT processing process is complex, involving many professional term, many users do not understand the meaning, part of SMT products and bring the following material processing factory for the processing of common share some SMT material with jargon.

1.SMT processing surface material receiving belt components: using surface material receiving belt technology to complete the assembled PCB parts.

2. Reflow welding: connect surface material belt components and PCB pads by melting the solder paste pre-allocated to PCB pads.

3. Wave soldering: the melted solder will be sprayed through the special equipment to form the solder wave peak required by the design, so that the PCB preloaded with electronic components can pass through the solder wave peak, and the connection between the element and the PCB pad can be realized.

4. Material receiving belt machine: it is a special processing equipment for surface material receiving belt.

5. Spacing: less than 0.5mm pin spacing.

6. Pin coplanarity: refers to the deviation of the vertical height of pins of surface receiving belt components, namely, the vertical distance between the plane formed by the highest pin bottom and the lowest pin bottom. The value is generally not greater than 0.1mm.

7. Curing: under a certain temperature and time condition, heating the receiving material with the receiving material of the components with glue, so as to make the components temporarily fixed together with the PCB board.

8. Adhesive with adhesive or red adhesive: a gel with certain initial viscosity and shape before curing and sufficient bonding strength after curing.

9. Glue dispensing: apply glue dispensing process to PCB when surface receiving tape.

10. Solder paste: a solder paste with a certain viscosity and good thixotropy formed by mixing a powdered solder alloy, flux, and some other additives that act as adhesives and other additives.

11. Glue dispenser: a device capable of dispensing.

12. Material receiving belt: the operation of picking up surface material receiving belt components from the feeder and attaching them to the specified position of PCB.

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