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How to use steel mesh to wipe paper correctly

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How to use steel mesh to wipe paper correctly

Date of release:2019-05-31 Author: Click:

Wipe paper with steel mesh

SMT steel mesh wiper test paper is strong and durable, with high water absorption and oil absorption, soft, no dust, anti - static performance. The material is soft and does not scratch or damage the surface of clean objects. Super absorbent ability, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton cloth, can be used with cleaning solution. High efficiency to remove water and grease, without using any chemical adhesive. Due to the production in the purification room, it can avoid getting involved in impurities in the wiping paper and reduce the printing defects caused by impurities in the wiping of steel mesh in the printing process. Can cooperate with anti - static packaging, to adapt to the strict anti - static requirements of electronic products.

How to use steel mesh to wipe paper correctly

First, if the clean paper can be soaked in solvent wipe, also can be wiped directly;

Second, wipe with clean paper adhere to flat, do not knead, wipe and move, try to wipe cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly contact, to ensure in the same direction wipe, can not repeatedly wipe back and forth wipe, clean paper edge must be wrapped in the inside, can not use dust-free paper edge and wipe the surface; Use and require clean gloves and masks; Next, cleaning paper explains to you that high-end cleaning paper must be opened in a clean environment and cleaned at the front of the package (especially the opening). Finally, the use of high-end dust-free paper must be in a clean environment to open the internal packaging bags, and unpack before packaging, packaging bags should be clean, especially the opening must be kept clean and dust-free wipe clean cloth. When using must pay attention to the use of the environment clean, pay attention to wipe the operating specifications of the paper.

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