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How to assemble SMT receiving tape

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How to assemble SMT receiving tape

Date of release:2019-06-03 Author: Click:

SMT material belt

Do you know the assembly method of SMT receiving belt? Come to know with dehongrun, the most common SMT material belt assembly mode can be divided into single-side assembly, single-side mixed assembly, double-side assembly and double-side mixed assembly. The type of single PCB and double PCB is single PCB and double PCB, and the mixed mode is more complicated. Single-side mixed assembly can be divided into first and second paste method, while two-side assembly can be divided into SMC/SMD and FHC on the same side and SMC/SMD and iFHC on different sides, so we won't introduce them here. Next, we will understand the SMT material belt assembly processing process. Different assembly methods correspond to different assembly process flow, and a reasonable assembly process is also the guarantee of assembly quality and assembly efficiency. After determining the assembly mode, the process flow can be determined according to the actual products and specific equipment. Due to limited time, this paper only introduces the single-double-side mixed installation process:

1. Single-side mixed packaging: incoming inspection +PCB side A screen printing solder paste (red glue)+ patch + side A refluxing (curing)+ cleaning + plug-in + wave peak + cleaning + detection + repair.

2. Double-sided mixed packaging: incoming test +PCB b-side screen solder paste (red adhesive)+ patch + b-side reflow (curing)+ cleaning + turning over + a-side screen solder paste (red adhesive)+ patch + b-side reflow (curing) or (DIP+ wave peak)+ cleaning + detection + repair.

See here, you have more or less understanding of SMT material belt assembly mode and process flow, right? For customers with demand, only by selecting the SMT receiving belt assembly and processing factory can we guarantee the quality and delivery time of electronic products and truly save effort and worry.

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