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What is the material of steel net wipe?

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What is the material of steel net wipe?

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Why do many manufacturers choose e-commerce to promote their own manufacturers this year? Such as steel mesh paper production, sales, how to better show in the market?

This stencil paper inside the company are applied more, such as glass, or is going to clean the office, you can choose to use this stencil paper, advantage is that performance is strong and durable, with high efficiency water oil absorbent, soft, not dust, not flaky. With antistatic performance is extremely strong, soft material, to clean surfaces do not produce any scratches, do not damage the surface.

What material is steel net wipe paper made of?

Toughened glass protective film is actually produced by toughened glass. AF protective PET material is one of the materials used. This makes the protective film of toughened glass = glass + toughened +AF+ protection +PET advantages: the surface is full of hard, scratchy, even if you take a knife to scratch above also will get flowers, because the hardness of iron is higher than glass, not to mention tempered. Cons: crisp. Something so hard made so thin is still more fragile. When pressed on a phone and the screen is slammed hard, the film itself cracks like glass. You'll have to change it. But the average person maintains a good screen, doesn't he? Protection and scratch prevention: it can avoid the broken glass panel caused by the nearly collision of the mobile phone, increase the hidden damage of the glass panel, and ensure the safety of users. At the same time, avoid car accident scratch, affect the beautiful mobile phone. Easy to use very simple, no bubbles. The light transmittance of the picture is up to 98%. Can avoid the harm of electron wave to human body. Does not affect the use of mobile phone cover and other mobile phone accessories. Disadvantages: compared with other film become thicker, but also affect the sensitivity of the touch screen, because the toughened glass is hard and brittle, the whole show for hard.

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