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Steel mesh wipe paper with anti - static industry

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Steel mesh wipe paper with anti - static industry

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Application of stencil wiping paper, actually have some relationship with static electricity industry is, if to follow along with the development of our industry, the wiping paper production mostly because of high quantity in a lot of market, the use of this product, generally can be used for several years, the use effect is good, viscosity, SMT stencil wiping cloth using natural wood pulp and polyester as the raw material, through the unique water thorn method and form characteristic of the wood pulp/polyester double-layer structure, strong and durable, with high efficiency water oil absorbent, soft, not dust, anti-static performance.

With the advent of the information and digital age, the research on electrostatic protection engineering has gradually expanded to the field of electromagnetic interference protection caused by electrostatic discharge, from the original focus on the protection of combustion and explosion caused by electrostatic discharge and the prevention of ESD damage of electronic products. Especially, the theoretical modeling, numerical calculation and simulation of electrostatic discharge radiation field and the electromagnetic pulse effect of electrostatic discharge are one of the hot spots and difficulties in the field of electrostatic protection. At the same time, the development of new electrostatic protection materials and inspection and measurement instruments is also attracting attention.

In the production process of electronic products, its components, components, finished products, often contact with equipment and tools, separation, friction and generate static electricity, must use anti-static cushion, turnover car, maintenance kit, tools, work chair, and so on, and through appropriate grounding, so that static electricity quickly release. Friction electrification and human body electrostatic are two great hazard sources in electron, microelectronics industry, but not harm, produce electrostatic hazard lies in the accumulation of static electricity and the resulting electrostatic charge discharge, electrically charged objects, form a static electric field around its, will produce mechanical effects, discharge effect and static electric induction effect, must therefore be controlled.

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