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The characteristics and functions of steel mesh wiping paper are analyzed

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The characteristics and functions of steel mesh wiping paper are analyzed

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Steel mesh wipe paper

Steel mesh paper surface soft, easy to wipe sensitive surfaces, friction not off the steel mesh, with good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially suitable for dust-free purification workshop and medical and health fields.

Performance of wiping cloth steel mesh:

1. Wiper cloth steel mesh is a kind of differential steel mesh developed rapidly in modern times, known as the new generation of synthetic steel mesh, is a high quality, high technology textile raw materials, is the chemical steel mesh to high technology, high simulation of the development of new synthetic fiber typical representative. Because of the small diameter of steel mesh, its bending stiffness is very small, especially soft.

2. The specific surface area of the steel mesh is very large, so the coverage, fluffy and heat preservation of the steel mesh fabric has been significantly improved, the specific surface area of the steel mesh and dust or oil contact more times, and oil from the gap between the surface of the steel mesh penetration opportunities, so has a strong cleaning function.

3. The steel mesh is made into ultra-high density fabric. The space between the steel mesh is between the diameter of water droplets and the diameter of water vapor droplets.

4 steel mesh in the micro steel mesh with a lot of fine pores, the formation of capillary structure, if processed into water wetting towel fabric, with high water absorption, washed hair with this kind of towel can quickly absorb the water, make the hair quickly dry.

Dust removal of steel mesh cloth:

1. Steel mesh wiping cloth is usually profiled steel mesh, its silk thinness is usually only one twentieth of the ordinary polyester silk, in this case, steel mesh wiping cloth and to be cleaned surface has a larger contact area! But has the bigger contact area to endow the steel mesh better dust removal effect!

2. In addition, the yarn of the steel mesh dust-free clothing fabric is of cluster structure, which endowing the fabric with more micro holes. These micro holes are much smaller than the micro holes in the ordinary polyester cloth! Therefore, steel mesh in this aspect can show a better adsorption ability of small particles!

3. From the material of cloth wiping, the cloth wiping steel mesh can be polyester and polyamide steel mesh composite material, polyamide steel mesh because of the presence of a lot of hydrophilic groups in the molecular structure, so its absorption is better than polyester (polyester because there is no hydrophilic groups, so the absorption is far less than polyamide).

4. According to the analysis, from the overall adsorption mechanism of sewage, 100% polyester wipe cloth due to the high crystallinity of steel mesh wire, and are usually round steel mesh, so the surface adsorption as the main force! Its surface adsorption mode can lead to a relatively large distribution ratio between the wipe cloth and the surface to be cleaned! And the steel mesh is more profiled steel mesh, its absorption of sewage liquid is also for the surface adsorption plus core absorption, core absorption effect can firmly control the pollutants so as not to reverse pollution. Therefore, the steel mesh can remove more particles!

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