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What is steel net wipe paper

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What is steel net wipe paper

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Steel mesh wipe paper

Steel mesh wipe paper, also known as SMT automatic wipe roll paper. Strong and durable, with high water absorption and oil absorption. Features: strong and durable, with high water absorption and oil absorption, soft, no dust, roll design, with strong tensile strength, dust-free, dust-free production is very low, high water absorption and anti-static performance. Paper type: plain paper and mesh paper two. Lining tube: paper tube and plastic tube. Different types of printing pipes with grooving or no grooving at both ends. Applicable industries: SMT production line; Semiconductor assembly line; Optical products; PCB products. Medical equipment. Especially for the electronic factory to remove the printing press steel mesh, the circuit board excess solder paste and red glue, keep the circuit board spotless, thus greatly reduce the rejection rate, greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality. In order to improve the work efficiency of customers, save costs and effectively control the consumption, the width and length of products can be selected according to the actual use of customers.

Product features :

1. Made of long fiber wood pulp from American logs, the surface dander is close to zero, ensuring the wiping quality; 2.

2. Organic combination of natural wood pulp surface and polyester surface, super cleaning ability, water absorption and liquid absorption;

3, super tensile resistance, good flexibility;

4. It can be used with various cleaning solutions.

5. Special 10000-level purification room production of SMT steel mesh wipe paper, to avoid impurities into the roll, reduce the production process due to the hidden impurities in the steel mesh wipe caused by printing defects;

6, anti-static packaging, with strict anti-static requirements for electronic products; Raw materials: dupont, PGI, Japanese mesh paper, etc., suitable for SMT printing process with automatic wiping function of various models;

7. It can be used for MPM, DEK, KME, YAMAHA, MINAMI, JUKI, EKRA, PANASERT, FUJI, SANYO and all automatic printing models

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