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Analysis on the development trend of SMT receiving belt

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Analysis on the development trend of SMT receiving belt

Date of release:2019-05-31 Author: Click:


1.SMT receiving belt processing tends to be "green" environmental protection

The earth that people live in today has been damaged to varying degrees by people. As a part of industrial processing, SMT mainly USES SMT equipment. Elections without exception will damage our living environment. From the packaging materials of electronic components, glue, welding, flux and other SMT process materials, to the SMT processing process, there are all kinds of environmental pollution, the more SMT processing, the larger the scale, this pollution is more serious, so the latest SMT processing is tending to green processing direction development? The concept of green processing refers to the requirement of environmental protection shall be taken into account from the beginning of SMT processing, and the pollution sources and pollution levels will appear in SMT processing shall be analyzed.

2.SMT receiving belt processing tends to be highly efficient

High processing speed has always been the goal pursued by people. The processing speed of SMT is reflected in the production capacity and control speed of tearing. Productivity speed is the comprehensive production capacity of various SMT processing equipment from reasonable configuration, efficient SMT processing has been from single line processing to double line processing development, while reducing the area of the processing speed at the same time. Control speed includes conversion, process control optimization and management optimization. The control mode has been developed from step control mode to centralized online optimization control direction, and the conversion time of processing board card is getting shorter and shorter.

3. Flexible processing environment with information integration for SMT receiving belt processing

With the development of computer information technology and Internet information technology, the product data management and process information control of SMT processing will be gradually improved, and the maintenance and management of SMT processing will realize digital informationization.

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