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SMT material belt method

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SMT material belt method

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SMT material belt

In the daily production of factories and workshops, one thing we often encounter is the connection method of materials. After the use of each roll of materials, we need to reconnect the materials and continue the production. Then the treatment of material joints is also a skill. Good SMT receiving belt method can effectively reduce the loss of defective products. Meanwhile, the skilled and reliable SMT receiving method can effectively guarantee production and reduce SMT receiving time. The following is a brief introduction to our use of material joints.

I. common materials of SMT receiving belt:

Double-sided adhesive tape, silicone tape, OPP tape; Double-sided adhesive generally choose good viscosity double-sided adhesive, the joint is firm, can withstand the normal pull force. Mainly for foam type thicker material SMT material use. Silicone tape, this material can resist the release of paper release action, generally used for release of SMT material. OPP tape, thin, generally more common SMT receiving material use, low material prices can be seen everywhere, convenient access.

Two, common SMT material receiving tools: scissors, ruler, etc., here do not do too much introduction.

Iii. Common SMT receiving methods:

1. Cut the same width of tape around 10 mm long, paste on the side of double-sided adhesive, then stick on the other side, the details from the edge alignment downwards by again, then tighten the whole roll of tape to check whether the balance, such as loose and tight, prove no flush (can lead to joint waste a sectional material), and then put a different color tape, joint to prevent the bad joint into the product. In addition, if the release paper needs to be pulled up together, then put another glue on the joint at the back, such as the legend:

2. PET, PVC protective film connection, attached at the bottom of the product to stick a 10 mm sealing glue 1/2 longer than the product, and then from one side of the product on the flat press tight down to cut the redundant, again put a quarter on both sides of the sealing glue, then cut off the 1/4 sealing glue on both sides of the, if it is a protective film should be in the middle with 1/2 sealing glue products, it'll be cutting, convenient can directly after cutting waste, pull up, avoid the downtime!

3. The connection method with hole position, I believe that many people are directly connected, to the joint is not allowed to set, this is wrong. It is correct to attach 10MM sealing glue at the bottom of the material, which is 1/5 longer than each side of the material, and then connect the other end, push the hole position forward and press the first two hole positions, hole to hole, four right, and then cut off the excess part, cut off the side 1/5, so that you can set the punching directly over!

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