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The basic structure of the receiving belt

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The basic structure of the receiving belt

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The receiving belt is equivalent to the robot's mechanical arm, which takes the components out of their packaging according to a pre-programmed procedure and pastes them to the corresponding position on the printed board.

The basic structure of the receiving belt

1. Base -- all the parts used to install and support the receiving belt. Cast iron is the current trend. Cast iron has the characteristics of large mass and small vibration, which is beneficial to ensure the mounting accuracy.

2. Feeders -- feeders are used to place components in various packaging forms, including bulk, braid, tube and tray. During mounting, various types of feeder shall be installed on corresponding feeder rack.

3, printed circuit board transmission device -- at present, most of the material receiving belt is directly used for rail transmission, but some of the material receiving belt is used for table transmission, that is, the PCB is fixed on the work table, and the work table runs on the transmission track.

4. Material receiving head -- material receiving belt is the most complex and critical part of the material receiving belt, which is equivalent to a manipulator and used for picking up and laying components.

5. X and Y positioning and transmission device of the material receiving belt -- mechanical lead screw transmission (usually driven by dc servo motor); Magnetic ruler and grating transmission. Theoretically speaking, the transmission precision of magnetic ruler and grating is higher than that of lead screw. But in the maintenance repair aspect, the lead screw transmission is quite easy.

6. Mounting tools (suction nozzles) -- different shapes and sizes of components shall be picked up and put down with different suction nozzles. Generally, vacuum suction nozzles are used for components.

7. Alignment system -- there are mechanical alignment, laser alignment, laser plus vision alignment, and full vision alignment system.

8. Computer control system -- the computer control system is the command center for all operations of the material receiving belt. At present, most of the computer control system of the material receiving belt adopts Windows interface.

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