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The significance of SMT receiving belt

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The significance of SMT receiving belt

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The significance of SMT receiving belt

SMY devices compress traditional electronic components into devices with only a few tens of the volume, thus realizing the high density, high reliability, miniaturization, low cost of electronic product assembly, and automation of production. The process by which components are fitted to a printing (or other substrate) is called the SMT process. Related assembly devices are called SMT devices. SMT technology has been widely used in advanced electronic products, especially in computer and communication products. In the world, the output of SMD devices is increasing year by year, while the output of traditional devices is decreasing year by year. Therefore, as time goes on, SMT technology will become more and more popular. It is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronic assembly industry. SMT receiving belt is an indispensable accessory product in the production process of this kind of device.

1, is can greatly improve the production efficiency, if the machine stop feeding, each time takes about 2 minutes, this is fast, a machine running one minute is 8 yuan, this waste 2*8=16 yuan; This time is saved if you use the receiving tape. The cost of two receiving tapes is only 0.4 yuan.

2, can greatly avoid material waste: avoid material too short to be used on the machine and throw away, can use all the remaining materials.

3. Reduce mechanical loss of feida machine; Reduce the machine frequently stop, open, avoid flying to frequently pull and other actions, can prolong its service life.

4, can avoid some of the switch cover may cause human accidents.

Operational advantages: first, no auxiliary tools are needed, easy to operate and labor saving. Make full use of surplus materials, improve the process efficiency, reliability and accuracy. As an emerging industrial processing technology, SMT has a great development space, and there is a huge market and demand for receiving belt and other production accessories.

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