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Double side tape

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Double side tape

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Double side tape

Double side tape

SMT double face tape -01 series

Applicable models of SMT tape: JUKI, YAMAHA, panasonic, Fuji, samsung, Siemens, Hitachi and other commonly used SMT tape machines.

1. Product structure of material receiving belt: it is composed of two tapes, with positioning holes at the two edges of the product.

2. Material receiving belt scheme: the positioning holes on both edges of the product are used for material receiving, without any auxiliary tools. This is also one of the most economical and widely used feeding schemes.

3. SMD 0108K adopts the blue high-strength adhesive tape newly developed by our company, with stronger viscosity;

4. SMD 0108N is made of imported anti-static material to reduce electrostatic generation and effectively protect electronic components.

Product code: 0108 0112 0116 0124

Tape color: yellow/blue/black

Packing: 500pcs/ box

Scope of application: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm

The product description

1. The above specifications are yellow, blue and black. There are three colors.

2. It is the most economical material receiving scheme without the use of auxiliary tools to improve the process efficiency.

3. Product structure: it is composed of two pieces of adhesive tape.

1 no auxiliary tools are needed

2. Improve process efficiency

3. Easy to operate and labor saving

4. High reliability and accuracy

5. Make full use of leftover materials.

Double side tape

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