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Panasonic special material receiving belt

Panasonic special material receiving belt

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  • Date of release:2019/06/28
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SMT panasonic material receiving belt


The product name



The number of


Panasonic special material receiving belt


Used for 8MM material tape

500 / box



Used for 12MM material tape

500 / box


Used for 16MM material tape

500 / box


Used for 24MM material tape

250 / box

The product description

Specializing in the production of SMT receiving tape - panasonic CM402 special receiving film

1. Product structure: the overall design idea is to completely cover the surface of SMT material with holes at the refuelling place with tape, which is effectively applied to the automatic programming implant of panasonic CM402 proline-roadrunner surface mount platform.

2. Material receiving scheme: the product adopts edge positioning design, and the material receiving process can be easily completed by relying on edge positioning without any auxiliary tools.

3.There are other specifications for the same type of 14 series. If you need samples, please contact our sales staff.

<< DE hongrun SMT material receiving cleaning experts, your best choice, dedicated to provide you with first-class quality, first-class service!!! Your satisfaction is the standard I pursue.

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