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Printing die - cutting products

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Printing die - cutting products

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Printing die - cutting products

Printing die - cutting products

Traditional die-cutting is a printing post-processing cutting process, die-cutting process can be printed matter or other paper products in accordance with the pre-designed graphics to make die cutting knife plate cutting, so that the shape of printed matter is no longer limited to straight edge right Angle. Traditional die - cutting production die - cutting knife according to the design requirements of the design of the pattern combination of die - cutting plate, under the pressure of printing or other plate - shaped billet rolling cut into the desired shape or cut marks forming process. Indentation technology is the use of wire pressing knife or wire pressing die, through the pressure on the plate to press the line mark, or use the roller on the plate to roll the line mark, so that the plate can be bent according to the predetermined position. Usually die - cutting indentation technology is the die - cutting knife and line - pressing knife combination in the same template, die - cutting machine at the same time die - cutting and indentation processing technology, referred to as die - pressing.

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