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Single-sided gresham release paper

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Single-sided gresham release paper

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Release paper also known as isolation paper, anti - stick paper, silicone oil paper. It is a kind of anti-sticking paper which can prevent prepreg adhesion and protect prepreg from pollution. Release paper by coated with anti - stick material made of paper, its model according to the material, thickness, elongation, single and double - sided difference.


(1) grashin (grashin base paper) silicone oil paper: resistant to high temperature, moisture, oil, generally used in the food industry packaging.

(2) ordinary release paper: moisture-proof, oil-proof, play the role of product isolation, suitable for industry: electronics, automobile foam, printing, etc., it is used in most of the scope and with a sticky together, especially the tape, so, generally used tape products will use release paper.

(3)PVC wallpaper, PVC leather coating foam process to undertake the role.

62g/80g available, paper tenacity, die cutting resistance. Is a self - adhesive, electronic die - cutting environmental protection paper. The disadvantage is that with the change of ambient temperature and deformation, crimping, not conducive to the stability of processing technology.

Quantitative (g weight) : 65/80/90/100/120 g

Specification (width) : ≤1260 mm

Thickness: 55 -- 110 microns


Typical applications: adhesive label coating, 3M tape die - cutting paper, desa tape die - cutting paper, king tape die - cutting paper

    • Single-sided gresham release paper

      Single-sided gresham release paper

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