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Double-sided greasing release paper

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Double-sided greasing release paper

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Double-sided greasing release paper


Anti - stick paper, also known as silicone paper. Consists of three layers, the first layer: base paper; The second layer: spray film: the third layer: silicon oil. Can be used in electronic products, automotive foam, printing, food, medical and so on. In most cases, it is used with adhesive materials, especially adhesive tape.

In wet prepreg production, the release paper is placed above and below the prepreg, and the lower release paper is attached to it along with the prepreg winding, so the surface of the prepreg is usually protected by a layer of release paper. The function of release paper is to prevent contamination of prepreg and to provide convenience for marking on its surface. Another function of release paper is to prevent transverse cracking of unidirectional prepreg.

Release paper should be able to adhere to the prepreg, but easy to separate the two; No chemical reaction with resin system or pollution of resin system; When the environment temperature and humidity change, the length and width of the release paper should be kept the same, so as not to cause the release paper wrinkle and make the prepregging wrinkle; It shall be dense enough to prevent moisture from entering the prepreg through it; In order to prevent deformation or distortion of prepreg due to unsynchronized drafting in the preparation process, the elongation of the release paper should be consistent with that of the fiber. Its thickness, unit area quality is not easy to accurately control.

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